Crafting Effective Board of Directors Minutes

Making effective minutes for boards is crucial for nonprofit boards who are trying to do a great job. It lets all stakeholders assess how the board is doing in achieving its goals. It also provides a way for members to be held accountable and aids in the process of being held accountable by the funders.

The layout of meeting minutes is an art form and will differ from organization to organization. However, there are a few important points should always be included. They include:

A brief summary of the main subjects that were discussed and the decisions that were made. The secretary of the board should record the results (i.e. a motion passed or not) and the reasoning behind each vote. This will enable the board to create evidence in the case of a legal lawsuit.

If the board chooses to enlist an appropriate committee to weigh in on the particular issue or deal the minutes should clearly mention the decision, and also include the percentage of participants who constitute the quorum. The minutes should also specify whether the committee has full authority or will make a recommendation that click to find out more will require approval by the board.

The person who records minutes must be neutral. This is especially important in legal proceedings where minutes are often subpoenaed to decide the actions of an organization. A third party who is independent read the minutes is also useful to ensure they are truthful, impartial and complete.

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